5 questions for Big Artist Angie Diaz

We’re asking our Big Artists five quick questions to find out how they feel about mentoring Little Artists.

Next up: Angie Diaz of by Angie Boutique.

How long have you been a Big Artist?

This year is my first time participating as a Big Artist.

What is your favorite thing about the program?

My favorite thing about the program is that it allows artists with non-traditional mediums like myself (sewing) to show a child that art comes in many different forms.

What is it about teaching and mentoring that makes you happy?

I love spending time with my Little Artist, getting to know her, and seeing her excitement when we finish a project.

When you were a kid, did you have a mentor or someone who gave you a push toward art?

As a kid I did not have a mentor, but I think that if I’d had a chance I would have loved it!

Where can people find your work?

Etsy: www.byangieboutique.etsy.com

Facebook: @byangieboutique

Instagram: @byangieboutique

Angie Diaz