Board Members


Chula League is managed by a small, grassroots board of directors.

Executive Director

Ann Flemings |

2016 Board of Directors

Advisory Board

  • Roger Bañuelos, Fiesta
  • Holly Herrick, Austin Film Society
  • Maddie Kadas, Beveridge & Diamond PC
  • Rick McNulty, KUTX & KOOP
  • Sarah K. Wolf, The Austin Chronicle

Time Commitment

Board member terms are for one year, from election at the annual meeting in February until the following annual meeting. Board members may serve multiple consecutive terms. Each board member is required to carry out the following duties during their term:

  • All board members are expected to attend bi-monthly meetings, up to 12 hrs per year.
  • All board members are expected to attend ‘special session’ meetings called by chairman, up to 6 hrs per year.
  • All board members are expected to participate in the evaluation of program opportunities and funding for programs at regular Board meetings.
  • Participate in the evaluation of financial results, operations results, and impact results at Board meetings.
  • Participate in high level planning activities based upon interest and talent – up to 8 hours per year.

2016 Meeting Schedule

Board meetings are open to the public and held on a bi-monthly basis. 2016 board meetings are scheduled for the following dates at Austin’s Pentagram office:

  • Sunday, May 1st 2-4 pm
  • Tuesday, July 12th 7-9 pm
  • Sunday, September 11th 2-4 pm
  • Tuesday, November 1st 7-9 pm