Thank you for your interest in our program! All Big Artist Mentor positions for 2017 have been filled.

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  • Little and Big Artists share at least 18 hours of after-school time together at either the Big Artist’s studio or the Little Artist’s school, from early-February through mid-April.
  • Each of our participating schools (currently Allison, Barbara Jordan, Blackshear, Govalle, Maplewood, and Oak Springs Elementary Schools), designate a day of the week in which artists may conduct work sessions. You may be assigned to a school based on your schedule or whether the school allows students to work with our Big Artists off-campus. At the same time, some Artists do not have a studio from which to work. We value the studio experience, but flexibility is a plus!
  • Note that the Art teacher is present at these sessions as is a “Super Big Artist” or Big Artist who also acts as a facilitator.
  • Work sessions include sharing information about how artists get ideas and make creative decisions, how art is made, how artists identify customers, and how they price and sell their work. An outline is provided by Chula League.
  • Big Artists guide their Little Artists in creating two tangible works of art. Both pieces will to be featured at an Art Show the 4th Thursday in April. The Little Artists then have a keepsake piece and one is donated to be auctioned by Chula League to benefit the Little Artist’s school. The silent auction takes place at Cherrywood Art Fair in December.
  • Little Artists keep a journal about what was explored at each work session, supervised by Big Artists. Journals are displayed at the Art Show.
  • Big Artists write descriptions of the items produced for the Art Show, and provide comments on the experience of working with Little Artists. This is needed for the art show display and program promotional materials
  • Big Artists consent to photography of one of their LaBA work sessions (also very important for the website and show materials).
  • Big Artists and Little Artists attend the Art Show Opening Night in April where their work is admired by appreciative patrons.
  • Big Artists must pass an AISD background check to participate.
  • Big Artists are provided a stipend of $200 per Little Artist for participation which should offset materials-related expenses.