Giving Tuesday: Make Art Lessons Possible For East Austin Kids!

Tuesday, December 1st is #GivingTuesday, an annual holiday that encourages people to give back after a weekend of holiday shopping. This year, we’d appreciate you considering Chula League as a donation recipient. Your donation will go right toward our Little Artist BIG ARTIST program.

Our Little Artist BIG ARTIST program provides an opportunity for 5th and 6th grade elementary school students to celebrate creativity, develop personal expression, and strengthen social skills through professional artist mentorships. AND they get to create some really cool art with professional BIG ARTISTS who donate their time such as Brian David Johnson, Sandy Bowie, Elly Fleegal and Jess Moss.

On Dec. 1st, you can support the program or even adopt a little artist! Donate here.

Your donation of $25 will cover the purchase of art supplies for two little artists and gets you an invite to the 2016 LaBA Spring Art Show!

A $75 or more donation from you will help fund the Art Show, and get those amazing works of art framed and hung! We’ll also send you an invite and list your name on event signage.

And, your gift of $250 or more covers enrollment & funds the entire 10 week program for 1 deserving little artist. In appreciation, we’ll put your name or logo on event signage and the website.

Fun Facts:

Chula League has been offering FREE art lessons to 178 East Austin children since 2007.

The Little Artist BIG ARTIST program includes a Spring Art Show at ReNEW East Art Complex where the little and BIG artists show off their artwork.

You can own one of their creations! Come to the Cherrywood Art Fair on Dec. 12th & 13th and bid on your favorite artwork at the silent auction. All proceeds are donated back to the Little Artists’ school art programs.

We need your help to grow and expand the LaBA program so that more kids can experience a positive, art focused after school mentorship program that is truly transformative for both little artists and BIG ARTISTS.